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Cetáceos & Navegación started up in Puerto de Mazarrón in January 2003

It is registered on the active and nature tourism companies register under number TA.MU.013

Cetaceos-&-Navegacion-Karyam-NavegandoCetáceos & Navegación is a privately owned, green company which took root from a project for eco-tourism, education and research in the marine environment:

– Eco-turism: Clearly directed at environmental awareness, on our shipboard routes, sailing the open sea, you can see whales, sea birds, turtles and a wide variety of fish (flying fish and swordfish, etc.). When we sail near to the coastline we can still see sea birds, as well as cliffs and beautiful bays.

You can go snorkelling and scuba diving and plumb the depths of the south western Mediterranean.

– Environmental Education: For people who want to go into sea life watching in more detail, we have prepared a series of educational programmes about whales and dolphins, sea birds and marine biology, etc.

– Research: Cetáceos & Navegación has a firm commitment to research and doing studies that enhance awareness and conservation of whales and dolphins, and the marine environment in general. Because of this, we set aside part of our financial budget and our work to research the whales and dolphins in our region.

We have received 4 awards:

– Tourism award 2005. Given by the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce. 2005

– Best Active Tourism Product award 2008, granted by FITUR (International Tourism Fair), “Aire Libre” magazine and the Spanish Ministry for Tourism. 2008

– Best Website award. Given by La Verdad newspaper. 2012

– Nature Conservation award. Given by EDC Natura-Fundación Omacha. 2013

Best Active Tourism Product award from FITUR