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All the trips organised by Cetáceos & Navegación have a strong element of environmental outreach and awareness as a step towards conserving marine life in general, and the Mediterranean in particular.

Because of this, on all our routes, you won’t just see whales, dolphins and other marine life, you will also get an array of information. We give a short chat before setting sail and then, in the evening, a chat and projection about marine life in general – a brief overview of the species of whales, dolphins, birds, fish and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are a for-profit or not-for-profit organisation or association and you need our resources for anything to do with nature conservation and environmental outreach, get in contact with us and we will provide the resources and staff we have available

Here is some of the pro-conservation and environmental outreach and awareness work we have done:

2007 – Sea bed and inaccessible beach cleaning – Hired by: Club Gised. Alicante.

2007-2008 Talks and projections at several colleges and academies in the Murcia and Alicante area.

2008 – South East Iberia and Murcia Region Conservation Congress. Information poster about whale and dolphin watching.

2009 – Dolphin Workshops in the Serra Gelada natural park (talk and projection).

2010 – Information poster, 16th Iberian Marine Biology research Symposium.

2010- Outreach and conservation workshops in the Cabo Tiñoso regional park and the Sierra de la Muela.

Hired by: Cartagena federation of neighbourhood and countryside user associations.

2013 – Poster about Risso’s Dolphins, at the Spanish Cetacean Society’s congress.

2014 — Chat and Projection at the 1st Eco-tourism Congress in Mallorca