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Cetáceos & Navegación is committed to education.

Cetáceos & Navegación has prepared a series of programmes so you can learn more about the sea and its inhabitants, so a few days of leisure and adventure are also a way of learning

These programmes are open to everyone, but we give a series of discounts and easy ways to pay for students.




Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins

We also welcome students doing University/Business Work Placements. We have already signed agreements with several universities and several university students have already used the Karyam to discover how an environmental/tourist/research business works and what its secrets are. Want to come along? Just get in touch with us.

We also work on educational programmes with organisations, associations and universities, and they use us as their marine platform. A good example of this is the Marine Sciences department at the University of Alicante, which has been bringing its students on work placements for master and bachelor degrees, etc, every year since 2004.