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We offer you holidays that are different and alternative, on the sea, surrounded by nature.

An adventure where you will live on a boat and you will find yourself looking into a dolphin’s eyes, hearing a pilot whale spouting, feeling the freedom of being on the sea and watching sea birds fly overhead

You’ll have a great time snorkelling, getting to know the undersea world, rowing in the canoe and landing on beaches.

Experience the sensation of having dinner on the sea under the stars. When you get up, at dawn, go for a swim and enjoy the sea air.


Choices of Eco-route:

  • Weekends
  • 7 days in Summer trip
  • Easter Week
  • May Day bank holiday
  • Special trips
Activities on the eco-routes:
  • Sailing in the schooner
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Watching sea life in general: sea birds and turtles, etc.
  • Snorkelling: observing life underwater.
  • Kayaking



Spending a few days on the sea on board a boat like the “Karyam” is an unmissable experience… you feel the sea in its essence, you escape the hustle and bustle to get to know our world, where we live alongside dolphins, turtles, swordfish, flying fish, the waves, the wind, the sea bed, the sandy beaches… the chastised Mediterranean, which can still surprise us with abundant wildlife, magical islands and beaches and sea beds bursting with life… the Mediterranean which saw us being born and which we must look after…

Signed: The crew