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Is it suitable for everyone? Of course it is, they are the type of activities that everyone can do.

Do I need to have any experience? No. Our activities are specifically aimed at showing you the sea world and the world of boats. The people taking part do not need any experience, plus, of course, we would love to show new things to anyone who has already been in contact with our world.

What kind of people come on board? People come on their own, in couples and groups of friends – with varying age groups but the majority are between 30 and 45 years old – and groups of parents with children. The educational programmes are normally attended by young people – university students, etc.

Will I be sea sick? NOT normally, but don’t forget to bring sea sickness pills and, once on board, follow the crew’s instructions carefully.

What sort of food is served? For breakfast: coffee, milk, tea, biscuits, muffins and pastries, etc. and for lunch and dinner: salads, mixed hors d’oeuvre and Mediterranean cuisine main courses… The menu on the trip is prepared by the crew as they know what to buy and what keeps well, etc.

Do I have to cook? This is NOT compulsory if you don’t know how or don’t feel like it, the crew cooks with the help from one volunteer a day, although IT IS compulsory for everyone to help to lay and clear the table and wash up – there are no waiters on board.

What about drinks? There is unlimited bottled water. At lunch and dinner there are lagers and colas. If they run out you should buy some more amongst all of you, or not, as the case may be….

What should I bring to sleep on? The best thing is a sleeping bag as there is only a bottom sheet on the bed and it will also be useful if you want to sleep on deck one evening…

What should I bring for the bathroom? A towel and your own toiletries.

What should I bring in general? Don’t forget sun cream and something for your head (caps, hats or scarves, etc).

What kind of clothing do I need? Bring comfortable clothes and something warm for the evenings. Don’t bring too much luggage or large suitcases.

Do I have to take part in all the activities? NO. You do what you want. If you prefer you can do your own thing, sunbathing, swimming or reading, etc.

If I have never been canoeing, snorkelling or scuba diving, can I do it? Of course. We will teach you whatever you are interested in learning how to do…

Will we be under sail? We look for the animals using the engine. If the wind rises there is less probability of seeing them and we will do the voyage under sail.

Is it hard to get to the boat? NO. Yacht Port Cartagena is easy to find, it’s on Google Maps

If I come by car, where do I park? You can park next to the boat, it’s free-of-charge and guarded.

What if I come by public transport? Call us. We’ll collect you from the station.