Weekend trip

Want a different weekend, sailing and finding dolphins and whales?

Want to moor up in the ports to the south of Murcia like a real sailor?

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7 days in Summer trip

Want to experience a marine adventure, live in a schooner and look for wildlife nearby?

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We was 19 years old

In January 2022 Cetáceos & Navegación was 19 years old…

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litoral virgen cabo de gata

Golfo de Vera

The Golfo de Vera, with Cabo Palos at one end and Cabo de Gata at the other, traces the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Where are we?

In the ancient city of Cartagena, moored up in Yacht Port Cartagena…

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Mazarrón Bay and the south coast of Cartagena

Mazarrón bay is in the Murcia Region of Spain…

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We guarantee you’ll see whales and dolphins

Cetáceos & Navegación’s voyages began in 2003 with sightings of…

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Why sail with us?

Ask us before committing and look at aspects as important as seriousness…

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Ruta de 1 día Mazarrón

Day trip, Mazarrón

Enjoy an unforgettable day sailing the Mediterranean and watching its wildlife…

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