Our happy birthday

March 12, 2013


In January 2022, Cetáceos & Navegación turns 19 years old…

Considering that our first trip (i.e. our 1st season) was in 2003, we are now entering our 20th season in 2022. I still do remember that first trip with guests in the summer of 2003, just as if it were yesterday…

It’s been 19 years since we started the adventure of travelling to Turkey, buying there our Turkish schooner and sailing back to the south of Spain. We crossed the Mediterranean and made our dreams come true.

It’s been 19 years since we started to sail the sea in search of dolphins.

It’s been 19 years since that first party and inaugural route with our first 10 guests aboard.

19 years where the Karyam, the marine life and all guests have been part of our lifestyle. A different but wonderful lifestyle.

Throughout this time, we have travelled enough miles to circle the world, sailing our very own world of waves, dolphins, pilot whale herds and lonely sea turtles. Miles and miles left behind accompanied by seabirds, breezes and winds.


Bottlenose dolphin
Bottlenose dolphin


We can only say a warm “thank you” to all those who have made possible these 19 years.

Thank you, one by one, to:

1º Each single guest who has embarked all over these years – we would not be here without you.

2º The sea and its wildlife. Without them, too, we would be nothing.

3º Our ship Karyam, who has a seafaring soul and has always brought us back home safely. And our ship Osprey II, who is also becoming a true sea dog.


Finally, we would like to highlight the awards we have been given in these 19 years:

-Tourism award 2005. Given by the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce. 2005

-Best Active Tourism Product award 2008, granted by FITUR (International Tourism Fair), “Aire Libre” magazine and the Spanish Ministry for Tourism. 2008

-Best Website award. Given by La Verdad newspaper. 2012

-Nature Conservation award. Given by EDC Natura-Fundación Omacha. 2013

And the best of any awards – being close to a pilot whale, hundreds of dolphins, your smile, the sound of the sea…





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